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Certified Hypnotherapist C.Hyp., Bioenergetics Health Practitioner, Business & Energy Coach, Artist, Designer, Herbalist & Mom. Earth & Energy Medicine 🙂 Book a Discovery Call Today

Leigh Craig @inviteyourpower (she/her) Coach & Hypnotherapist


Artist / Illustrator / Tattooist - Founder - Dedicated to spreading joy, body positivity, self empowerment, self-esteem & mental health awareness through my art.

Emmy @sadinthegarden (They/Them) Tattoo Artist - Illustrator - Artist


Artist & Published Illustrator born and raised in the beautiful city of Burnaby, British Columbia. After graduating from Emily Carr University of Art & Design with her BFA. Marie acquired an Apprenticeship in Tattooing at Karma Tattoo in 2017, Since then she has made a name for herself internationally, guest spotting in Ireland & New Zealand, specializing in fine-line, detail-oriented and quirky illustrative dot-work designs. 

Marie Joy Caldwell @Medusa.illustration (She/her) Illustrator - Tattooist Artist


Effy @effyliutattoo (She/her) Tattooist Artist


Hasti is a junior tattooer, with a wide breadth of tattoo industry knowledge, having gotten her first tattoo 17 years ago, and countless hours since. Born in Iran, raised among the stunning mountains of North Vancouver, she has always been creating art. The pandemic was the first time she had the freedom to dive into the industry, and the last few years tattooing have stolen her heart. After completing her apprenticeship in the summer of 2022, she's been focusing on script/lettering tattoos, as well as renditions of cartoon and TV moments because she's a pop culture fiend. She also loves doing American Traditional tattoos, any theme with a pop of color, as well as black and grey realism, especially animals, with a focus on sea creatures.

Hasti - Tattoo Artist / Painter / Photographer / Creator


Caroline L. George (She/her) Hypnotherapy C.Hyp - Emotional Relief Specialist