Holistic Health & Wellness

What It Means To US


Our Physical Well-Being

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Our Emotional & Spiritual Well-Being


Our Environmental



Holistic Health & Wellness

The practice of treating a person / organic being as a whole: is commonly described as mind, body, spirit/soul or physical, emotional, and spiritual. We like to see it as health – Our physical well-being, Heart – Our emotional / spiritual well-being & Home – Our environmental well-being. Traditional practices and medicine have used this integrated approach. Throughout the world, with a wide spectrum of practices.


These practices are based on the knowledge, skills and beliefs passed down for generations; to our modern advancements, research and studies. Most of these support the validity of holistic health and wellness and its ability to encourage a fuller potential for wholeness. 


At Chi we value that there are many practices that contribute to wholeness and each person’s journey is their own. We embrace that different practices and modalities work for different people and not for others. It is important to do what feels right for you. A key factor in why we combined tattoo and wellness is that for many getting tattooed is a very healing process that celebrates and commemorates many important events in our lives. It can be empowering and liberating.


Creative arts and express is a wonderful way to find wholeness and balance in life. Many people have felt repressed or experience it daily, to be able to freely express yourself is a gift and very healing.


Holistic Practitioner

Leigh Craig

A Holistic Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and Bioenergetics Practitioner is available to assist with 1:1, Groups or with facilitating customized workshops.

Leigh Craig holistic practitioner